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kingfast ssd 128gb sata iii 6gb s 2 5 inch solid state drive 7mm internal ssd 128 cache hard disk for laptop disktop

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The XPG SX900 SSD is an expanded capacity SSD which uses new optimized firmware to utilize greater storage capacity of the NAND Flash components. With superior NAND Flash, the XPG SX900 SSD reaches new levels of stability and performance. The drive breaks new ground in storage capacity for SSDs utilizing the SandForce 2281 controller, reaching 512GB, a 7% increase over common SSDs in the market that use a SandForce controller. Great Performance Its maximum sequential read and write speeds are 560/540 MB per second, with maximum random 4k write speeds as high as 91,000 IOPS. Sandforce 2281 Controller It breaks new ground in storage capacity, reaching 512 GB, a 7% increase over common SSDs in the market that use a SandForce controller. Accelerated Data Transfer Performance An unprecedented high-speed experience with Windows TRIM command supported, maintaining effective operation and extending the life of the disk. Ultra-slim Design The SX900 Solid State Drive comes in a thickness of 7mm to meet the needs of ultra-slim notebook computers. A 2.5 mm spacer is provided for use in 9.5mm disk bays. 128GB Capacity Large capacity to fit your work load and ensure smooth performance. Easy Installation Take a few simple steps to upgrade you computer and enhance the performance immediately. Specifications Name ADATA SX900 SATAⅢ SSD Brand ADATA Series XPG SX900 Model ASX900S3-128GM-C Type Internal Solid State Drive Form Factor 2.5 inches Capacity 128 GB Memory Components MLC Interface SATAⅢ Controller SandForce Max Sequential Read Up to 550MB/s Max Sequential Write Up to 530MBps 4KB Random Write Up to 91,000 IOPS MTBF 1,000,000 hours Product Weight 68 g Product Size 100 x 69.85 x 7 mm Package Weight 90 g Package Size 12 x 9 x 2 cm

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